The Sound Updates or "Flashes" in The Other Session are, obviously, the updates that have sound. There are currently 3 sound updates. The first two are in Google Drive because there was no YouTube Channel for The Other Session yet. The third update redirects to a YouTube video. It is said on The Other Session's Tumblr that the author shave figured out how to embed the video in the comic space and will do so from now on. A fourth sound update is currently in development. It will be a game, as Matthew says on the Tumblr. It is the reason The Other Session is currently on Hiatus.

List of UpdatesEdit

Matt: Play haunting piano refrain.Edit

Matt Walmart plays A Tune of Sorrow (Piano Refrain) on his sylladex.

S Matt Play Haunting Piano Refrain00:19

S Matt Play Haunting Piano Refrain.

Matt: April Foolsx2 Cobmoo.Edit one really knows why this exists.

S Matt April Fools x2 Cobmoo00:30

S Matt April Fools x2 Cobmoo.

Matt: Mourn ArmandosEdit

Matt overreacts to loser a few of his beloved Armandos while Valiant Sendoff plays.

S Matt Mourn Armandos01:05

S Matt Mourn Armandos

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