The music in The Other Session is, like Homestuck, availiable for download on a bandcamp page. The music is also used in the Sound Updates in the comic. The music on the albums is added as it goes, instead of all at once at the end of an act.

The Other Session Vol. 1Edit

The Other Session Vol. 1 is the first album released on Bandcamp. There are currently four songs on the album.

The Other Session - The Other Session Volume 1 - cover

The Album Cover

A Tune of Sorrow (Piano Refrain)Edit

This song was composed by Matthew and is used in the following sound updates:

Matt: Play haunting piano refrain.

A Tune of Sorrow (Full Version)Edit

Also composed by Matthew, this song has currently not been used in any sound updates.

Valiant SendoffEdit

Composed by Matthew. Used in Matt: Mourn Armandos

Stealth MissionEdit

Composed by Matthew. Not used in any sound updates, but was in the cancelled game, Matt: Mission Impossible Style.

Stealth Mission (Remix)Edit

Remixed by Marc D.  A cool bass remix of the previously pixilated Stealth Mission

Game OnEdit

Composed by Matthew.  used in Matt: Reenter Strife

Deleted Tracks and AlbumsEdit

Armando AnthemEdit

Armando Anthem was a song by Marc Dominic that was in The Other Session Vol. 1 for a short while. It turned out that it was a remix of another song, so Matthew took it down. It is not stated whether or not it will be rereleased with credits to the original.

Matthew's Cover AlbumEdit

This was an album of Matthew singing random stuff. It wasn't on the site very long. No one knows why it was there or why it is gone. it only had two tracks: Billy Joel's Piano Man and Billy Joel's She's Got a Way.