Matt Walmart is the first person you see in The Other Session. As for his hobbies:  

Matt Walmart

"Your name in MATT WALMART. As was previously mentioned it is your BIRTHDAY. A number of POINTLESS GADGETS are scattered about your room. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for EMOTIONAL CRANIUMS and ANTHROPOMORPHOUS ART SUPPLIES.. You like to draw, but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a passion for REPTILIAN FAUNA, and are an aspiring AMATEUR CARTOONIST. You like to DANCE sometimes." (Page 9)

Matt is often noted as incredibly silly. He is a fan of Mr. Happy and loves gadgets and reptiles. 

Fetch ModusEdit

Matt's Fetch Modus is the piano modus.

"You captchalogue ARMANDO into your PIANO FETCH MODUS. Your FETCH MODUS takes the first three LETTERS of the OBJECT'S NAME and changes it into NOTES. You must play those NOTES to retrieve your ITEM." From Page 34


Matt's first seen captchalogue.

Swaggarific Moves

Matt dancing